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Scale your in-house development team with our best tech talent on-demand.

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We provide immediate access to our pool of tech talent in Sydney, delivering the skills you require for your business.

Staff augmentation provides the flexibility to add or remove team augmentation resources, as your project requirements change. It also allows for greater agility in your business, without the commitment and overheads of full-time employees.

Our Sydney-based team of technical specialists are proudly 100% local. We operate out of our Surry Hills office, with our augmentation team working either with you onsite or remotely.

When time to market is critical, you need to grow your team to meet deadlines and deliver a quality product. We work with you to understand your requirements and find the specialised staff to complement your existing team.

Chat to our expert consultants to find out if team augmentation is right for you.

Rethink what’s possible with team augmentation

Benefits of team augmentation

  • Innovation: Introduce new perspectives and ideas to your development team. Add new skills to complement your in-house capabilities.
  • Save on hiring costs:  Delegate the advertising, interviewing, technical assessments and reference checking to us and access developers ready to be integrated quickly.
  • Control: You directly manage our people who work on-site as part of your team.
  • Agility: Increase or reduce your team to meet your project demands.
  • Predictable pricing: Fix your costs per resource.
Sydney's leading Android app development agency-4mation

Our knowledgeable team works with you to understand how your business operates and whether augmented resources are right for you.

“4mation provided a great team that aren’t just great developers, they actively engage and support us in our mission and the work that we do.”

Fraser Hamilton
Head of Development, Integrity

We’re with you every step of the way

Check out our case study with Integrity Life Insurance and our free guide to team augmentation.

Staff augmentation: Integrity

In May 2018, Integrity engaged 4mation for our team augmentation service. They needed to scale-up their staff to create engaging experiences for their users and maintain a consistent level of development resource.

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Access our team augmentation skillset in software and web development

Our team augmentation services give you access to our broad range of skills including (but not limited to):

Our Sydney-based team of 80+ technical specialists are proudly 100% local, operating out of our Surry Hills office. As a multi-year Best Places to Work in Australia award winner, we know how to attract and retain top technical talent. 

Reach out to our friendly crew today and talk through your tech requirements.

The 4mation difference


Sydney’s top 2% of talent selected based on tech skills, comms and culture.


Refined over 18 years giving you total transparency & complete control.


Driven by values that put you at the centre of our universe.


Team of 75+ experienced developers and designers in Sydney, Australia.


Track record delivering successful projects to happy clients since 2001.

Frequently asked question

What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation enables organisations with existing teams to bring in new members with specific skills to help them achieve business goals quickly.

An augmented staff member typically works on-site as part of the organisation’s team. The team augmentation supplier is responsible for providing qualified, professional talent, and the organisation is responsible for managing that talent.

For more information on staff augmentation, check out our ‘Complete guide to team augmentation for startups, scale-ups and enterprise’. 

What are further benefits of Team Augmentation?

When you partner with an established team augmentation supplier, you get immediate access to top talent without the usual recruitment headaches. There are no permanent costs, no need for sick leave, holiday leave, superannuation, or payroll tax. 

It’s a talent on-demand model, to either fill skills gaps, or to build on your team’s existing capabilities to deliver outcomes faster. With access to a local talent pool, you can scale your team up or down over time, without the burden of hiring/firing full-time employees or managing individual contractors.

Do I need to provide team augmentation staff with equipment?

No, we handle all of the resources your staff require.

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