Providing quality tech talent without wasting your time.

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A recruiter who understands tech talent

We understand how frustrating it is to not find the tech talent you need for your business. Our recruitment service offers:

  • 6-week guarantee to fill a role or a 10% discount
  • $200 off the final fee for any candidate you think you shouldn’t have seen
  • 10% fee on the package and discounted rates for 10+ roles
  • Replacement guarantee

We lose money if we are slow or waste your time. By providing you with quality candidates that go through our process, your hiring manager won’t have to weed out unqualified talent.

Process for recruiting the right tech candidate

Our recruitment service is conducted by the same technical experts that hire for our in-house software development teams.

Our process involves:

  • Professional phone screen
  • An independent technical test that is role-specific
  • Technical interview by a development manager/technical lead
  • Cultural interview

Our unique recruitment process enables us to rapidly identify the top 5% of software development talent based on not just technical skills, but attitude, communication and values.

We value quality over quantity

As an award-winning software development agency, with over 19 years of experience hiring technical talent, we know how to identify people who “just get it.”

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Engagement models comparison

Not sure which engagement model to choose for your project? Here are some key points to help you decide.

Project deliveryAgile innovation packagesTeam augmentation
Project sizeAnyAnyLarge
Project typeOne-offOngoingOngoing
Project requirementsDefinedFlexibleFlexible
Project management4mation4mationYou

The 4mation difference


Sydney’s top 2% of talent selected based on tech skills, comms and culture.


Refined over 18 years giving you total transparency & complete control.


Driven by values that put you at the centre of our universe.


Team of 75+ experienced developers and designers in Sydney, Australia.


Track record delivering successful projects to happy clients since 2001.

Frequently asked questions

What type of roles do you recruit for?

We are dedicated experts in recruiting for React, Angular PHP and .NET developers, Mobile Development, Java, Product Managers, UI/UX design as well as technical sales.

What are the advantages of using us over other agencies and direct employer recruitment?

Our recruitment process means that active technical experts assess candidates. We are not your stereotypical backpackers hired as 360-degree recruiters, incentivised to scattergun resumes and fill roles regardless of quality. With over 19 years of experience hiring technical talent, we know how to place quality technical talent.

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