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As a user experience design agency in Sydney, UX is fundamental to everything we do. Regardless of the industry, we work with you to deliver intuitive and exceptional experiences that your customers appreciate.

Forrester Research found that UX design could increase conversion rates by 200% – 400%. Our UX design experts research and analyse your audience’s motivations and leverage UX best practices to design, test, refine, iterate, and produce intuitive and effortless user experiences that convert.

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Our approach to user experience design focuses on collaboration with you throughout the design process to understand your business, target users, and objectives.


Our UI/UX design and development services team work closely with you to analyse your target customers and business objectives. The discovery phase of our UX design process helps us understand the problem we’re trying to solve and challenge assumptions about the problem and potential solution. Our discovery exercise includes user research, workshops, user journeys, persona development, and empathy maps.


The insights from the discovery phase are used to ideate possible solutions. Our user experience design process explores potential concepts through wireframes and prototypes. Prototyping enables us to get direct and early feedback from your target users by testing what is working and what is not. This approach enables us to iterate quickly on our design based on feedback. 


Usability testing is at the heart of successful digital products. A working prototype is tested by assigning a series of tasks to your target users. This highlights potential barriers that real users may come across. Our proven test-feedback-iterate-test cycles ensure that the final solution meets user needs and expectations. This approach also helps improve information architecture and removes any potential bias when collecting feedback directly from the end-user.

We’re proud of what we’ve been able to achieve over the past couple of years to deliver the best experience for First State Super website users we could. We benefited a lot from working with the 4mation team and really appreciate the support that you’ve given us too.

Mark Simpson Digital Services Specialist, First State Super

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Frequently asked questions

What is User Experience (UX) design?

In a nutshell, user experience (UX) design is about creating a product that meets the needs of your customer in an easy to use way. The theory of user experience goes way beyond websites and mobile apps. This is explained fantastically in a video by Dr. Donald Norman. He explains what “User Experience” meant to him when he originally came up with the term “User Experience” while working at Apple.

“User Experience” encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.
Dr. Donald Norman, Nielsen Norman Group

When it comes to user experience design for websites and applications, our UX designers analyse sub-systems and processes within your project. We’ll find new opportunities and improvements that will encourage your user’s to become regular visitors.

What makes great UX design?

Great UX design boasts enhanced usability, intuitive and interactive, and delivers “natural” in-app experiences. This can only be achieved through user research, wireframing, prototyping, and testing until you have a user-friendly website or app that leaves your users satisfied.

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